application form
June the 18th, 2018
date of birth
street & number
what is your present occupation or specialization within the arts?
previous education
when and where did you exhibit?
which prizes and awards did you win?
what workshops did you attend?
for which scholarships have you applied and were they successful?
please describe your main artistic interests:
if you ever worked or studied in europe or the netherlands before, where and when was that?
please give your motivation for wanting to work for a period in the netherlands
please give the names of two references:
extra information the thami mnyele foundation should have:

if you have (or are represented on) a website on which we can see at least ten samples of your work, you select option one.
option 1
if you have work represented on a website, if you don't have digital material at hand or are not able to upload pictures you have to rely on the postal services...
please send at least 10 slides or other good photographic documentation of your recent work and mail this documentation to:
thami mnyele foundation 10768
1001 et amsterdam
the netherlands

option 2
here you can upload up to ten pictures of your work.
the pictures you upload should be in .jpg format, have simple filenames (no spaces, funny characters($#@!^&*) and only one dot before the jpg extension), and not larger than 500kb each.
if we decide to go further with your application we will ask you send by post at least 10 slides or other good photographic documentation of your recent work..