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Residency at the Thami mnyele studio

There are two residency programs: the Full Residency Program and the Short Residency Program.

Full Residency Program
Full residencies are awarded competitively to artists from the whole of Africa. The Thami Mnyele Foundation offers mostly two Full Residency Program scholarships per year. Applicants are evaluated by an independent committee of art professionals, who are appointed by the Board of the Foundation.
Those selected are offered accommodation and studio space for a three month period. Artists who are selected for the Full Residency Program also receive:

  • a monthly allowance which covers the costs for living and materials (currently amounting to euro 850 per month)
  • a reimbursment of return travel to Amsterdam
  • medical and legal liability insurance for the period of stay
  • assistance in applying for visa
  • an introduction to the Dutch art world and access to the Foundation’s extensive network

Short Residency Program
Short Residency Programs are awarded to artists from the whole of Africa, who have been invited to participate in cultural projects in the Netherlands and are in need of accomodation in Amsterdam for a short period. The Short Residency Program offers artists free studio and housing for a set period of time. The Short Residency Program does not include an allowance for living and material costs, medical and legal liability insurance and traveling expenses, nor does the Foundation assist in visa application.

Thami Mnyele Foundation promotes the exchange of art and culture between Africa and the Netherlands.